Creative Corner - Quick & Easy Recipes

April 01, 2020

Creative Corner - Quick & Easy Recipes

Hey everyone!
Welcome to our Creative Corner downloads page! Here we bring you recipes, inspiration & kids activities.
Quick, easy and using pantry staples this pasta salad by Australian Women's Weekly is bound to be a winner! If you don't have ham in the fridge swap it up with salami, chicken or salmon! Need more protein? Add in some hard boiled egg for an extra filling meal!
Store any leftovers in the fridge for a speedy lunch the next day. 
The original recipe included butter beans but I'm not a big fan so I've left them out.
Download Recipe Here: Easy Pasta Salad
Let your kids set sail with their creativity. Where is this ship headed? Will he need a bright red coat of paint and are those clouds in the sky fluffy and white on a beautiful blue backdrop or are they a sign of a storm brewing? 
We'd love to see your pictures so if you get around to taking a snap tag us in @couturestjnr on Instagram or email to!
Download Colouring Sheet Here: Ahoy There!
Mojitos should ALWAYS be on the menu! I'm one of those people that can drink them in any season - light and refreshing, just how any good drop should be!
I use the Master of Mixers Mojito Mix from Dan Murphys - this comes in a 1L bottle for $12.99. Hide this bottle smartly - it's great with soda on it's own so if you're family finds out there will be absolutely none left for you!
This recipe is super quick and easy to make - perfect for a time strapped afternoon that needs a little TLC.
Remember - drink safely and in moderation! Pounding heads are never cool.
Download Recipe Here: Quick & Easy Mojito
That's a wrap for this week everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading through this little blog in our small corner of the world wide web! Hope you all are safe and well - remember stay home unless you really need to go out and most importantly keep positive!
P.S. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, drop us a line
IMAGE CREDITS: Pasta Salad (Women's Weekly) & Mojito's (BBC Good Food).

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