Sienna Tall Mini Lace Crown


LOVECRUSH - Sienna Tall Mini

Circumference: 17 inches

Crown your princess (or prince!) with this gorgeous mini lace crown. Can also be used as a cake topper, room decoration or photography prop. Available in an on-trend rose gold or standard gold.

Carefully handcrafted these crowns are baked to sturdy perfection PLUS they're waterproof.

Buttercream icing & cake went a bit further than expected? It happens! Gently clean with a warm wet cloth and crown will retain its shape!

Got a little too warm in the mean time? Don't fret, your crown can be reshaped - see below notes straight from our lovely LoveCrush makers.


Is my crown waterproof?

Yes. All of our base crowns are completely waterproof with the exception of some embellishments {i.e. flowers, fur, sprinkles}. Which means you can completely submerge your crown underwater!

How do I clean my crown?

You may run your crown under cool water and even use a little dawn soap to remove any frosting {from cake smashes} pat or air dry. *this method works on crowns without embellishments. If your crown has flowers, spot clean only*

How do I reshape my crown?

If you are reshaping a base crown with no embellishments, you can reshape your crown by just running it under warm water! Yes! For mini crowns, take a cup or glass (object to reshape with) and place crown over. Run the crown under warm water for a minute and mold over cup. Switch water to cold and run it for 20 seconds. This should lock in the shape. Think warm water, softens the crown.. cold water hardens :) For reshaping full size crowns, run under warm water to make it pliable, reshape by spinning the crown and molding with your hands (like a pizza, lol) Rinse with cold. Let air dry and sit on a towel in the desired shape.

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